The new headquarters of APOLLO is worth looking forward to!

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The total building area of new headquarters covers nearly 100,000 square meters. Built in accordance with the standard of 5G Science and Technology Park as well as the integration of Internet of Things and artificial intelligence technology, the smart buildings and smart office truly makes 5G + smart city & big data strategic positioning and technology within practical reach. This is Apollo Group’s new global R & D headquarters and 5G Science and Technology Park Building located in the CBD center of Songshan Lake!

Surrounded by the scenery of the Songshan Lake ecological park, APOLLO’s headquarters is located in the technological innovation hinterland of Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area and the core of Songshan Lake CBD. Being a transportation hub of Dongguan-huizhou intercity railway, Dongguan Line 3 and Line 5, it is 300 meters walk from Songshan Hubei Station, a comprehensive transportation hub. It is also close to China Resources Vientiane Plaza, which integrates shopping, entertainment, leisure, and catering. The location is absolutely superior!

Apollo Group’s new global R & D headquarters and 5G Science and Technology Park was capped on October 19th, 2019. Consist of 4 towers and 1 main building with 15 floors in the main building and 30 floors in each tower, the new headquarters is located in the most core area of the Songshan Lake High-tech Zone. It is not only geographically superior, but also undertakes powerful functions. The new headquarters will be not only scientific research centers such as Apollo University, academician expert workstation, post-doctoral research workstation, and national certified enterprise technology center, but also PV & energy storage & charging center, 5G science and technology innovation center, smart city management center, and charging operation management center, power Internet of Things R & D center and global customer service center.

APOLLO’s new R & D headquarters and 5G Science and Technology Park project will plan to invest 700 million yuan to build a “Source of Origin” for 5G technological innovation with nationwide and even international influence. After the completion of the project, it will help to enhance APOLLO’s research and development strength, support APOLLO’s future expansion of business in 5G, data centers, new energy vehicle charging facilities and other high-tech segments, and optimize APOLLO’s existing products and service structure. Meanwhile, it also enables APOLLO’s R & D capabilities and manufacturing processes to highly meet the power industry development trends, consolidate APOLLO’s position as a leader in the industry chain, and further expand APOLLO ’s influence in the relevant industry chain.

Apollo University will also be stationed in the new headquarters to provide professional guidance and training for the selection and retention of talents, so that core research talents can be attracted and retained.

Designed with photovoltaic plus glass walls, the new headquarters building not only has a clear and wonderful appearance, but also has excellent lighting and ventilation to make the office spacious and bright with fresh air. The configuration of various offices, meeting rooms and leisure areas inside the building will also bring you refreshing feeling!

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